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Andalusian Music
"Andalusian music" refers to art music in the Arab world.  It is the musical and poetic traditions from Medieval Andalusia that have
been preserved and developed in North Africa by the descendants of Muslim and Jewish refugees after the Reconquista.
It is performed in the form of vocal and instrumental suites based on ancient poems of love, pleasure, wine and nature.


Orchestra of Tetouan
on zither, rebab, lute, violin, viola, tambourine & goblet drum

Photo: Sarah Skinner

Mehdi Chachoua, director 
Photo: Sarah Skinner

Orchestra of Tetouan


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Concerts from Past Seasons
2009-2010 Season – Orchestra of Tetouan (Morocco)
2008-2009 Season – Tangier Ensemble & Andalusian Music Festival (Morocco & Tunisia)
2007-2008 Season – Orchestra of Tangier & Nassima of Algeria (Morocco & Algeria)
2006-2007 Season – Orchestra Rais of Fes (Morocco)


2009-2010 Season
Orchestra of Tetouan (Morocco) – September 18-26, 2009
(New York, Boston, Chicago, Madison, WI & Bloomington, IN)

The orchestra was featured on WNYC & Africa Channel.

Photo: Kazko Kawai


2008-2009 Season
Andalusian Music Festival – February 7-22, 2009
Orchestra Otmani of Fes (Morocco)
  February 7-14, 2009 (SF, LA, Boston & NY)

Orchestra Otmani of Fes with Marouane Hajji
February 7, 2009 at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, San Francisco

Orchestra of Tangier (Morocco) & Lotfi Bouchnak Ensemble (Tunisia) – Joint Concert
February 17-22, 2009 (Atlanta, DC, Boston & New York)

Orchestra of Tangier with Ahmed Marbouh
Nawbat Hijaz al-Kabir
February 21, 2009 at Merkin Concert Hall, New York

Tangier Ensemble (Morocco)
September 24-28, 2008 (DC, Atlanta, Boston & New York)

Encore with Rabbi Haim Louk
September 28 at Merkin Concert Hall, New York


2007-2008 Season
Nassima of Algeria
October 12, 2007 – New York
Photo: Courtesy of Artist
October 12, 2007 at Symphony Space, New York
Co-presented by World Music Institute
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Orchestra of Tangier (Morocco)
 September 2007 (New York, Boston, Chicago & LA)

September 14, 2007 at CUNY Graduate Center, New York
Nawbat Ouchchaq

Click here to read a preview by Los Angeles Times

Photo:  Rachid Dfouf of Tangier
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2006-2007 Season
Orchestra Abdelkrim Rais of Fes (Morocco)
September 30, 2006 at Cooper Union, New York

Nawbat Hijaz al-Kabir
This is the first presentation of MENA Music.  Almost all audience members were Moroccan people with a very few American people in the auditorium.

Daoudi (Moroccan Chaabi) – Aprll 1, 2007 at Symphony Space, New York
Photo: Courtesy of Artist
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