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After Eight

This is Cairo's "dive."

Where Central location. A stone's throw from the famous Tahrir Square.
Shows Live music - pop, danceable music.
Cost There is a minimum charge of 60 LE (approx. US$10) all week, except Thursday and Friday, when the minimum charge is 100 LE (US$17).
Times Show time is 11pm.
Dining Middle Eastern and Western food as well as a full line of alcoholic drinks are available (see the menu on the website). You can reserve a table online or by phone. The cost is equivalent to what you pay at upscale Cairo restaurants.
English Everyone speaks English in person and over the phone.
Patrons Every sort of drinker and smoker, Egyptians and Americans alike (the American University is on the next block).
Smoking The place is extremely smoky. After five minutes in this club, your clothes and hair are guaranteed to smell like cigarettes. Even the musicians complain they can't breathe.

If you really want to experience the young people's bad place in Cairo, this is it. While the musicians' lineup is mostly the same as El-Sawy and Cairo Jazz Club, some people prefer After Eight to the other two.

The stage is like a small room with a big window opening toward the dance floor.

Many taxi drivers do not know where it is, and the entrance is hard to find. Please check the location on the website before you leave.

The street Kasr el-Nil where the club is on has two sections: each one going in an opposite direction! It is best to tell the taxi driver "Masrah Asr e'Neel" – this is the Theater Kasr el-Nil which is nearby and all taxi drivers know this.