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Cairo Jazz Club

This is the jazz club most representative of the Cairo jazz scene.

Where Central. Near the Nile River in Mohandeseen. If you cross the bridge over the Nile from El-Sawy, you will hit the Cairo Jazz Club.
Shows Live music - jazz, Arab pops, salsa, etc.
Cost You pay for only food and beverages.
Times Show time is 9:30pm.
Dining Western food as well as a full line of alcoholic drinks are available (see the menu on the website). You can reserve a table online or by phone. The cost is equivalent to what you pay at upscale Cairo restaurants.
English Everyone speaks English in person and over the phone.
Patrons Young and affluent Egyptians and expats. Many musicians also frequent this club for drinks and socializing.
Smoking Smoking is permitted, and the air-conditioning works fine.

Cairo Jazz Club (CJC) is a nice and clean jazz club (well, with some cigarette smoke in the air).

It also presents pop bands and dance parties with a DJ.

There is a super market next door where you can buy groceries after late night shows.