Abdellah Daoudi

Abdellah DaoudiDaoudi sings the heart of Moroccans in big cities.

Born in 1972 in Casablanca, Morocco, Daoudi started singing Chaabi as a child: Moroccan popular music called Chaabi originated from various traditional music forms, but the current-day Chaabi has incorporated many aspects of Western music..

After a stint with Noujoum El-Samare, Daoudi joined Moustapha Bourgone’s group for recording and tours. Daoudi toured with Moustapha Bourgone in the USA, where he started studying the kamanje (the violin held vertically on the knee), and perfected his own music style. In the USA, he also met with Cheb Nasro, the Algerian Rai musician, who gave him valuable advice on his musicality.

In 2000, Daoudi released “Aayta Daoudia,” which became his first big hit. Since then, Daoudi has released 25 albums, thus held the status of the top Chaabi musician in Morocco.